The Journey of B T I

The journey of BTI began with great idea of providing cost-effective solution to security system in year 2001 & we have launched our first product in year 2002 of cctv audio mic-pcb in Indian market. Within a couple of years it has gained popularity among the Indian market with its cost-effectiveness. Now we are stepping towards an international market with the confidence of making cost effective solution in the area of security system.

Company Mission

BTI is committed in Excellency of its product & customer Satisfaction regarding its cost- effectiveness.
We are commited to value personal dignity of the people, Who are connect with us.

Customers Speak

Your product is really unique for me as it is cost-effective solution to my security systems. I am satisfied with your products in terms of durability, quality, warranty, colorwise & most important, its cost-effectiveness. We would like to connect with you in future too.

Uniqness of our Products

Made in india, high quality spare parts/chip
Supporting almost any brand in security systems,
weather proof - water proof, operated in Dc 8v To 12v,
150feet Range capture capacity,
timely quality control check, regular updatation of product,
available in an attractive blister packaging,
Life long durability, one year warranty,
look wise match with interiors of factory and office, school, show room etc.

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We also supply as per Customized Manufacturing Requirement